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Welcome to Mainely Outdoors! My name is Jesse Rochester, owner of Mainely Outdoors. Mainely Outdoors was started in 2018 as a way to show what the great state of Maine has to offer besides lighthouses and lobster! Maine has many remote corners full of great fishing opportunities and adventures that many will never see.


"My goal is to provide quality content highlighting the parts of Maine that all too often get overlooked. In doing so I hope to show off what Maine really has to offer by shedding some light on these remote corners of Maine! "

In the near future, I hope to share these experiences in person by offering a guiding service. So keep an eye out for that coming up in 2022! Until then you can follow along with my adventures on youtube as I travel around Maine in my truck cap camper! 

If you wish to help support my channel so I can improve my filming gear; you can check out some of the merchandise and gear for sale in the shop!




Jesse Rochester

Mainely Outdoors  

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