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Clear ice on the lake

Mainely Outdoors Ice Fishing Jigs

You don't have to put the flies away as winter sets in!


Lake Trout Jig

This is my bread and butter! This ice jig is crafted on a 1/8 oz size 2 gamakatsu jig intended to hold up to the largest of lake trout! Its maribou tail offers an enticing action that can't be matched with artificials while its silicone arms agitate the water to attract fish from near and far! All in all, this is a deadly jig that accounts for 95% of my lakers each year!

Clear ice on the lake

Brook Trout and Salmon Jig

A mini version of my popular lake trout jig! Crafted on a 1/16 oz size 6 gamakatsu jig. This fly is perfect for trout and salmon, yet it can hold up to a laker making an excellent presentation for when fish get finicky!

IMG-5118 (1)_edited_edited.png

Brook Trout, Perch, and Pan Fish 

These Jigs are made to mimic the small insects fish feed on. Crafted with tungsten beads these ice flies provide the fastest sink rate possible while maintaining a small size. Whether you're imitating a leech, (damsel, pupa, or midge) -coming soon.  These flies provide excellent actions using natural materials as an alternative to plastics! 

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