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Custom Orders

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What are custom orders? 

Custom orders are all flies hand-tied by Jesse Rochester (Mainely Outdoors) using the highest quality materials and hooks. These orders are intended to get you exactly what you need! Whether that's my advice on flies I use in Maine during a certain season or a custom pattern you've dreamed up that you want to see come to life! Whatever your needs are I've got you covered! 


How to submit an order?

To submit a custom fly order follow the direction in the form below or refer to the video (I'll be adding the video soon this is just a filler). Once submitted I will review the order, and reach you by email if I need more information, and provide you with a PayPal invoice when the order has been accepted. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy your flies!!



Custom Fly Orders: 

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Common Questions:


Fly Prices: 

My prices average about 3.50 each. Depending on the time and materials that go into the flies. These orders are intended to be a thank you for helping to support my channel. Unfortunately, I can't match mass-produced flies coming from overseas. However, what I can do is only use high-quality materials to provide you with the best flies I can offer. 

When will my flies ship? 

All orders will be filled in two weeks or under. However, sometimes I disappear into the woods for a while... So this time frame is not guaranteed. If I have cell service I will notify you of when I'm away from the vice after receiving your order. 


What Shipping Methods do you use?

I use USPS first class mail for all of my orders it costs $5 and comes with tracking that will be sent to you by email. Please reach out If you'll require a faster shipping service. If you are ordering other products today let me know and we'll combine the shipping for you to save you some money!

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

Nope, you can order as few or as many flies as you would like!

Additional Questions:

Please feel free to contact me here with any additional questions or request. Thank you for the support!


Thank you all for your support!! These orders allow me to dedicate more time to bringing  you more high-quality content!

-Jesse Rochester

Mainely Outdoors

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