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Midge Assortment (Standard)

Midge Assortment (Standard)


Midges are an important part of fishes diet. It’s a food source that’s dependable and can be found year around! Becoming one of the main forages in winter. No fly fisherman should be without a variety of midges to put under a dropper. It can often make the difference from a slow day to a great outing!


This fly box covers the bases offering you different sizes, patterns, profiles, and color options. That way you’ll never be stuck not having what the fish are looking for!


What’s included:


  • Mainely Outdoors Silicon fly box
  • 18 patterns
  • 3 different sizes for each pattern
  • 54 total flies
  • Discounted rate compared to buying individuals flies from our shop!
  • Free Shipping!
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