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Tear Resistant Body

The body is made out of a UV Chanelle that helps attract fish but was selected for its durability. This is the part of the jig that is subjected to the most wear and tear after hooking into a fish. However, its short durable fibers and braded core keep it intact!

3X Hooks

Our hooks are no exception! Made with sticky sharp Gamakatsu hooks with 3x wire you won’t be bending them on a fish any time soon! No one’s losing a PB on my account!

Reinforced Thread Wraps

The head of the jig is secured with multiple whip finishes to insure that if one comes undone from a fishes tooth you can cut it free and still have a completely intact jig to continue fishing with!

Blue Pattern

Epoxy and Resin Coating

To further secure our jig heads they are treated with two resins. First is an adhesive coating to further bind the thread wraps together. The next is a UV resin coating to provide further protection and create a seamless glossy look that transitions into the jig head.

Powder Coated Jig Head

Durable Under Body

These thick powder coasted lead jig heads are made with vibrant colors to attract fish and resist flaking off. Additionally, all the hook eyes are uncoated, so you never have to chip off paint from a jig head again!  

The under body remains mostly unseen but can still provide some UV reflectance creating an illusion of depth to the jig. While its main purpose is to protect the marabou feather that is fixed to the length of the jig head to insure it remains intact.

Silicon Arms

Not only is silicone safe for the environment but it’s also incredibly durable! These arms have a high elasticity providing great movement while being tear resistant. They are also inherently resistant to both UV and water damage.  

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