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Mainly Outdoors - Brook Trout and Salmon Jig

Mainly Outdoors - Brook Trout and Salmon Jig


A mini version of my popular lake trout jig! Crafted on a 1/16 oz size 6 gamakatsu jig. This fly is perfect for trout and salmon, yet it can hold up to a laker making an excellent presentation for when fish get finicky!


1/16 oz 

Size 6 hook 

2x Strong 


Currently our jigs are made of painted lead jig heads. I’m actively searching for a tungsten alternative, equivalent to these jig heads' quality and hope to make the transition soon! If you know of any, please send me a message!  For the time being these jigs will not be shipped to NH addresses unless the purchase is for resale only. Thanks for your understanding. 

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